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“Leap over it in the first place!”

Spring, 2016. I landed in JFK in the afternoon, rented a car, and drove to Pennsylvania. I was scheduled to speak at a banquet that night. The drive took a few hours. I followed my GPS and found myself on... Read More

The Beat of my Own Drummer

Yossi drummed since he was a toddler. He drummed on his highchair and in his carseat. He banged out a rhythm with forks and spoons and blocks. And if he couldn’t get his hands on a “stick,” he drummed by... Read More

Shaina in the Rain

Shabbat afternoon. Schools in Los Angeles closed yesterday.It’s been raining since early morning. My daughter is visiting. She has her feet up on the long end of the couch. My husband sits upright in the middle section, and I’m melded... Read More

“100,000 plus words is a reason to celebrate…”

I told a fellow writer that I finished my memoir, but that at more than 100,000 words, editors were saying –without reading it — that it was too long, and I was working on tightening it… I was just getting... Read More

How do I stay on the platform?

I have something to say. That’s why I’m writing a memoir and speaking. But I keep hearing that it’s important to have a platform. That scares me. I’ve never been great with heights and a platform feels like something I’ll... Read More

Devorie Kreiman

Devorie Kreiman, MA Ed, served as principal of Bais Rebbe Junior High School in Los Angeles for 12 years. She is an educational consultant and leader of teacher training workshops in Los Angeles and New York and the author of... Read More